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After a long day of riding, who can resist a cold one?
Enjoy from 6 different locally brewed selections!
Check out our most up to date menu on the Untapped App.  Follow the QR code! 
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Lost province Brewing- Orange Sunshine IPA  6.7%  ABV

Blowing Rock Brewing- Big Chocolate Porter 3.72% ABV

Stone Brewing- Stoned Delicious IPA 7.7% ABV

Hi-Wire Brewing- Mountain Water Citrus 4.5% ABV

Blowing Rock Brewing- Cloud Rise Hazy IPA 7.2% ABV

Abita Brewing- Purple Haze 4.2% ABV

Pabst Blue Ribbon- Hard Coffee 5% ABV

Pabst Blue Ribbon- PBR 4.8% ABV

Founders Brewing- Mas Agava Seltzer (Strawberry) 3.54% ABV

Yuengling Brewing- Hershey's Chocolate Porter 4.7% ABV

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