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Each of us has our own challenges, goals and reasons to ride. At Giant, our purpose is to help you unleash your full potential no matter the chosen path. We do this with our products, our people and the stories we share. Come feel what it’s like to be limitless. Come ride with us.

Giant is the world’s leading brand of high-quality bicycles and cycling gear. Part of the Giant Group, which was founded in 1972, the brand combines craftsmanship, technology and innovative design.

Looking to finance your next bike? Giant offers financing through Affirm.  If you are buying a Giant online please select the pick up at retailer option! 

"Transition Bikes has always worked hard to be transparent with our customers. While we have evolved over the years, our primary goal remains the same: to offer riders access to our bikes through a variety of purchasing options to best suit their needs. We recognize that some people prefer to purchase bikes with the assistance and expertise of their local bike shop, some prefer to shop from home, while others simply lack a nearby dealership. It's in our "Rider Owned" nature to do whatever we can to best serve the rider, no matter who they are or where they live, which is why we offer the options of purchasing not only from your favorite local Transition dealer but also online through"

"At Kona, we're all about the freedom and empowerment of the bicycle. We have been since 1988. We still have the same founding owners. We're still populated by a staff of keen, active, impassioned cyclists. We're not big, nor are we that small. Just a dedicated group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes-no matter if that love is new or long established."

When ordering online please select the send to Kona retailer option!

"It's our vision, our calling and our ultimate goal to design and build cutting edge bikes that take your cycling experience to a whole new level and do it in a way that provides you with the best possible experience whether you're already riding a Pivot or in the process of becoming a Pivot owner."

"But we're at this not just to build better bikes.  We're in this to build better lives, to make YOU better.  That's pretty heavy.  It's a lot to carry on two wheels.  But that's how powerful a bicycle can be.  And that's why we're so committed to building the best bike possible."

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